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    2 Channel Audio not coming through all speakers?

    I'm running a Sony DA4ES receiver, and one thing I can't figure out is the following. Say I have a 2 channel audio source such as the built-in Tuner or a CD. For these types of audio, I'd like the audio to come through evenly on all speakers. With this receiver, it appears that it's only able to present the audio in a 5.1 fashion where the sound dominates from the center channel and front speakers.

    Does anyone know how to make the sound come evenly out of all speakers for certain types of audio sources?

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    If your source material is not mastered for surround sound you will probably not get much if any sound from your rears unless you engage one of the sysnthesized modes on your receiver. If you have set things up for DD or DTS you may get better results by engaging one of the systhesized surround modes when playing 2 channel music.
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    You want "all channel stereo"

    Depending on your receiver, it may be called 5, 6, 7, or like mine, 8 channel stereo. It's a dsp that produced the stereo image through all available channels, and should sound more "even" to you, especially with music. I use it for listening to the radio, and would agree that for music, prologic puts too much of an emphasis on the center channel. For listening to CDs, I just go with straight stereo, but I know people who prefer all channel stereo for CDs.

    As for TV, I go prologic all the way, as television programming lends itself better to an emphasis on the center channel and sending ambient sounds to the rears.

    Just look in your manual about how to engage the all channel stereo and you should be all set.

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    If your receiver has a Dolby Pro Logic II setting, use it. It's developed more for music than original DLP developed for movies. Many times for music I prefer stereo, or a "direct" mode than the processed echo-heavy sound of a DSP program.

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    Depends on your receiver, you should be able to adjust the sound output level for Front, center & rear to suit your need. Yes, and I agree that the best way to listen to CD or Tuner is in Stereo or direct mode with out the interference of DSP.

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