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    2.1 and soundbar options

    Updating 9 yr. old HTS. Can't run wires to rear so looking at:
    Denon S101
    Polk Audio Soundbar
    Yamaha YSP 800

    I know with Polk will have to buy new a/v receiver. My self powered 8" Infinity Sub is only 50 watts. Polk offering free sub is you pay full retail.
    The Yamaha existing sub would help without replacing it.
    Wife not crazy about the silver color of the Denon with our black TV.

    Appreciate your input.

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    I would go with the 2.1 option. If you have a DVD player with SRS Trusurround ,you can get a good surround effect with two floorstanding speakers plus I think this system would
    be better with music . I have heard the yamaha sound projector and I found it to sound very bright, which is bad because it limits how loud you can turn up the volume (hurts ears).
    I have set up a 2.0 system with SRS trusurround and it worked really well.

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