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    yup yup yup...........

    Howdy !
    Guess Ill just jump right in.
    Im waiting on the arrival of a Yamaha RX V663. Its replacing a 10 yr old Yamaha.
    The new receiver is getting paired up with some B&W 602's.
    The speakers can be bi wired but Ive never done this.
    The receiver can be bi amped as well.
    Heres my I bi amp the speakers and the receiver or does bi amping the receiver cover it ?
    Im 5.1 and plan on staying 5.1 so I assume Ill be stealing power for the surrounds and giving it to the front mains ?
    Does taking the power happen within the receiver internally or is it wired that way ?
    Flufferfishen thanks you in advance.

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    This won't be a bi-amp setup. This is just bi-wire. Bi-amp would be two amps wired to one set of speakers. Each set of speaker outputs on your receiver is going to include a main pair and a bi-wire pair. You wire those to the bi-wire posts on the speakers according to the illustrations in the receiver manual. Power won't be taken from other speakers.

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    Biwiring is of questionable value, Biamping does have its benefits but you will need 2 identical amps, one going to each speaker.
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    I see. No I dont...yes I do ! Shutup ! You shut up !!!

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    Why do you sound like my brother?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich-n-Texas
    Why do you sound like my brother?
    Oh great, that's just what we need... another Rich Texan...

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    Bi-Amping gives you more power...

    Bi-Wiring gives you more speaker wire...

    (well actually they both give you more wire, but one at least has a proven benefit)

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