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    Are you an expert?

    Hi all,
    How do you rank yourself in electronic world? do you know and understand how to read the spec. completely? if so, please read and please provide your inputs the diff between this two DVD players from Pioneer Elite.
    Note: My spec posted below is just for reference and /or example, real spec could absolutely be found on the Net. Thanks a millions

    Pioneer Elite DV-46av, msrp $400

    Disc Capacity 1
    Video Performance Features
    Advanced Digital Direct Pixel Drive
    Pure Cinema Progressive Scan
    Video Digital/Analog Converter (DAC) 12-bit / 108 MHz Video DAC
    DVD-RW Playback
    Audio Performance Features
    DVD-Audio Playback
    SACD Playback
    MP3 Playback
    Audio Digital/Analog Converter (DAC) 24-bit / 92 KHz Audio DAC
    Video Terminals
    HDMI™ (High Definition MultiMedia Interface) x 1
    Component Video Output x 1
    S-Video Output x 1
    Composite Video Outputs x 1
    Parallels S-Video/Composite Outputs x 1
    Audio Terminals
    Analog Output x 1
    Coaxial Digital Output (for Dolby Digital/ L PCM/DTS) x 1
    Dimension (inches) 16.5 x 2 x 10 (WxHxD)
    Weight 5lbs. 8 oz

    And here is the Pioneer Elite DV-79avi, msrp $1,000
    Product Type: DVD Player
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 16.56" x 13.38" x 4.63"
    Weight: 19.88 lbs.
    Progressive Scan Output: Yes
    Media Load Type: DVD, DVD-Audio, SACD, DVD-RW, MP3
    Video D/A Convertor: 14-bit, 108MHz
    Remote Control: Remote control - jog and joystick
    Sound Output Mode: Surround sound
    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years limited
    Audio System
    Digital Audio Format: Dolby Digital output, DTS digital output
    Built in Audio Decoder: Dolby Digital, DTS decoder
    Media Load Type: Tray
    Disc Capacity: 1
    CD Playback Modes: Program play, random play
    DVD Playback Modes: Still/step play, slow motion
    DVD Features
    MP3 Compatible: Yes
    Inputs And Outputs
    Connector Types: 1 x HDMI
    1 x component video output
    1 x S-video output
    1 x composite video output
    1 x parallel S-video/composite outputs
    1 x analog audio output
    1 x coaxial digital audio output
    1 x optical digital audio output
    1 x 6-channel audio output
    1 x digital audio iLink output
    Country Of Origin : United States
    Features: Pioneer DV79AVI - 1-Disc Progressive Scan DVD Player

    Product Tools:
    - Your Memory May Fade, But This Won't
    - Star Wars Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones
    - Email A Friend
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    ...I doubt you'll get anyone admitting to being a has-been drip...after all that's what an expert is...

    What specs? Where? What you have provided are features, tech specs are a whole 'nother thing...besides specs may be somewhat indicative of performance, but your purchase is based on many, many things...Additionally, specs re: digital players of any sort are pretty much irrelevant when it comes to the ability to read 1s and 0s...they all do the same thing as per industry standard...It's how the transport is built, the fit and finish of the unit and the futzing with the signal the mfr. may do in the analog realm that accounts for price and/or sonic diff etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resident Loser

    jimHJJ( buyin' a toaster...Do you want a Toastmaster or a Cuisinart?...)
    I would like my bread to be warmed, darkened and crunchy. How it gets that way means nothing to me.
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    Aaahhh, the toaster. A truly wasteful device. It turns moist fresh bread into stale burnt bread.
    Mr. Pham, do you buy all your gear by features alone? How do you buy speakers? Different devices sound different. The differences in gear may not be as much as speaker differences. There are differences though. If features were what most of the posters looked for we would all have systems we really didn't like all that much. Sometimes the differences are not electronic but aesthetic. The feel of the switches and knobs on some gear is almost erotic. Even so, if that same gear didn't sound good all the sex appeal in the world wouldn't mean a hill of beans.
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    Ditto on Loser remarks, but the main diffirence on these models I believe is the year it came out. The 79 was the flagship model from about a year ago. Now the 46 has the same features as the 79. The build (size/weight) is the only diffirence. I've seen the 79 price as low as mid $300 new on ebay so its up to you, they both will provide a excellent PQ. I have 2 DV-45A's and the PQ is great. But I will say this, Pioneer has been one of the leaders in laser video for over 30 years. And its really what you feed it, and not the player itself. It will make a good DVD (HiDef master) look awesome and it will do its best with bootleg or home burned stuff off the net.

    I have had 3 Pioneer DV players over the last 10 years and all of them are still working great (passed my first Dv 525 to a relative) and everything I throw in them worked.
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    Thanks all espcially RecoverOne.
    I have the Elite 46, while I'm enjoying it (really!!!) in both audio and video i experienced it lightly noisy when play mostly thru out the front opening; very disturbing. On the other hand, the model 79 is much better built, at 19 lbs, it's almost 4 times heavier than my 46av. I'm heavily reading, researching and learning on the 79 but my knowledge to understand its spec is my only limitation; therefore, your inputs, thought comments, concerns or issues on those two players are truthfully appreciated.
    Note: Best deal so far on the DV-79avi is $560 at

    Thanks for reading,

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    A lot of what you're paying for with the DV-79avi is the "i" -- the digital connection to the corresponding Pioneer receiver with the i-Link interface. If you don't have the corresponding Pioneer receiver and don't plan on getting one, stick with the 46.

    I mean, you can't go wrong by upgrading -- it's still better in other areas, I just wish they would make a corresponding player that had maybe digital outs only -- a "transport" for the receiver (well, maybe with a high quality two-channel out for my headphone amp).
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