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Thread: Yamaha M-35

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    Yamaha M-35

    Anyone have any experience with this amp?

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    I picked one up at an estate sale, fairly cheap. The M-35 is small, light, low powered, and lacks sexy meters. Ho-hum, just another you'd think. I inserted it into my main system, in place of my Anthem Amp 1 which had major tube upgrades. The Yammie stayed, the Anthem went to the pawn shop, no seriously it did. I took a whooping loss on it, but the Yammie sounds better. Runs in class A for the first few watts. It has a gain knob for each channel, so you can run direct, without a preamp, which makes for less electronics, and better sound. They can be used in 2 or 4 channel mode too. The RCA's on the back are a bit cheap, one of mine failed, and I've now got patch cables running right out of the back, soldered to the board. Every audiophile should have one, IMO, just like Minimus 7's (I own 2 pairs).


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