Im looking to purchase some wireless headphones. Im more of a gamer than an audio nut, so I thought this place would be the best place to come. I have poked around my local electrical supplier here in rainy england whom I buy all my components from, infact I just got a spangly 15" LCD Samsung TV for my mums kitchen

Anyway getting back on track, I saw a few wireless headphones ranging in price from about £40-70, all Sony models. I dont want to go out and buy the first thing I see so I thought this would be a good place to come for assistance. I got bought a pair of Ross RCB400 headphones a couple of years ago, wired, nice sound quality and volume (I guess? Being the only pair of headphones I used regulary :P) but I had a problem with my ears getting extremely hot after 20-30mins of wearing them

This is one thing I want not to happen again with my next purchase. A headset with microphone would be nice, but I havent seen any wireless ones with headphones (hardly been looking, though!)

Thanks for the help, please advise,