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    Thanks nt.

    Quote Originally Posted by gonefishin
    nice post bturk

    Heck...there ain't nothin' wrong with being an audiophile, unless your view of them is negative.

    I love listening to music...and I enjoy my (audio) hobby too. Two separate things...hey, I suppose I should add I like fishin as well. All three are things I enjoy...and all three are separate from one another...even tho they may have some parallels.

    it's all goood

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    I'm not afraid to call myself an audiophile. I think the real reason more people don't choose that option has more to do with the misuse, actually WRONGLY used term pedophile. It has given the suffix "phile" an unnatural, and perverse connotation.

    The suffix "phile" is meant to denote a person who has a love of, and an intimate knowledge of the subject. If you want to know about wine, you talk to an vinophile, audio, an audiophile. Of course there are degrees of knowledge, but I venture to guess that most of the posters, even a good amount of the readers of these groups are audiophiles, and should be registered with the authorities!
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    Is one only an audiophile if they own the gear? Some people might know loads of stuff about audio, building, etc, just don't have the room or time for all the really high-end expensive gear and just stick to smaller systems.

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