View Poll Results: What are your hifi system(s) worth ? (shop retail price, NOT what you paid for)

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  • Up to 1000 (US dollars, or convert to US if you can)

    1 2.50%
  • 1001 - 2000

    1 2.50%
  • 2001 - 5000

    7 17.50%
  • 5001 - 7000

    5 12.50%
  • 7001 - 10,000

    4 10.00%
  • 10,001 - 20,000

    16 40.00%
  • 20,001 - 30,000

    3 7.50%
  • 30,001 - 50,000

    0 0%
  • 50,001 - 100,000

    1 2.50%
  • Over 100,000

    2 5.00%
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    _ Luvin Da Blues's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Impressive list O'Shag. I assume that you are only using some of that gear on your list at one time or do you have that many systems hooked up?

    BTW, total for all of your gear listed = $167,675 nice.
    Back in my day, we had nine planets.

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    $167k??? wow, By the way, I'm a little short today, can you lend me 5 dollars?

    Don't use all at once. swich things out to get different sound. Don't use the MFA all the time as it utilizes tubes in its operation. Ditto much of the other stuff. Got other systems setup in the bedrooms.

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    We might need a recount, I think he added a zero on the end of that Yamaha receiver

    Nice collection though. I'd like to hear the KEF, no one around this area carry them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Stat

    Curious that you put the $17k projector in the garage!

    Yeah, that's a bit of a shame. I have a $13,995 Seleco SVD 500 HD that I used for a few years, but it only did 1080i, so I got the 800 HD that did 1080p less than a year ago. The thing about CRTs of course is that they're huge, weigh a ton, produce lots of heat, and they have four or five cooling fans. The picture is gorgeous, but the fixed length lenses and other primitive characteristics begged for a small, quiet, lightweight solution. The $2,295 Mitsu HC4900 has a picture every bit as good, with even more glorious color and total silence at the loss of a bit of black. I could live with it, and my GF was ecstatic to get the three-eyed beast out of the house.

    Nobody wants to buy a big, heavy CRT projector, so it (and the SVD 500) went to the garage, where I sometimes crank them up when I'm on the elliptical or treadmill. The picture is still amazing.
    I like sulung tang.

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    Forum Regular O'Shag's Avatar
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    [QUOTE=Mr Peabody]We might need a recount, I think he added a zero on the end of that Yamaha receiver

    Well, if it was a Levinson No.40 media processor I'd have to add a zero, and that wouldn't even include the amps

    Making this list has given me pause for thought.. I need to trim down the system a little..

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    Jan 2006


    Mr Peabody, how are the Dynaudio t2.5, t2.1 s treating you ?

    Happy with the imaging ?

    As to the rest of you guys ? Nice impressive lists, nice to know you're not
    so fussy lol.

    O'Shag, I could only dream that my area in Australia could stock 1/10th of the
    range of brands that you have
    Current System :

    Xindak XA8800MNE Mono Block Power Amplifier
    Cambridge Audio 840E Pre Amplifier
    Cambridge Audio 840C CD Player and DAC
    Dynaudio Contour 1.8 MK-II
    Pioneer DVR-640H (250 GB HDD)
    Foxtel Digital
    Samsung LCD 40in LA40M81BDX
    Sony PS 3 (source - CD/SACD/DVD/Blu-Ray)
    XLO Interconnects & speaker cables
    Sonos Wireless Music System

    Upgrade Path :

    1. Power regulation system

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    St. Louis, MO, USA
    O'Shag I can take a hint, I'll be glad to accept your donations. Why don't you trim off a set of those monoblocks, heck, your choice.

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    Los Angeles, CA

    Back from the dead

    Wow, what a way to resurrect a thread: SPAM it back to life.

    BTW, those CRTs are still in my garage, waiting for someone to give them a good home.
    I like sulung tang.

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    Central Ohio
    Interesting to read my old post. I still have the Rega ttable and the Sony cd recorder/changer. I still have the Marantz cd player but it is in storage being replaced by the Marantz SA8001. The Ascends also in storage were replaced by the OML1's which were replaced by the MA RS6's and then the MA's went to storage and the OML1's are back on the stands again. The Cambridge Audio 640A was replaced by the Onkyo A-9555 which is in storage replaced by the Krell S-300i. The Cambridge 640p and the Rotel 970 phono preamps are in storage and the Gram Amp 3 with improved power supply is my current favorite with my low output moving coil carts. I am currently enjoying the AT F7 phono cartridge bit also own a Grado Red, Ortofon OM 20 and the Benz MC Gold.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnMichael View Post
    Interestingly I had to list my system and include replacement costs for my insurance agent. My main system totaled a little over $5,100. I do have $1,640 dollars in components that have been upgraded. What was surprising is most of the expense was in my turntable and modifications.

    Rega Planar 2 $495.
    Benz MC Gold cartridge $350.
    RingMat record mat $ 90.
    Incognito tonearm rewire $295.
    Deep Groove subplatter $179.
    Michell Technoweight $179.

    Total $1,588

    The table has replacement feet that were a gift but I do need to assign a value. They are great and I would not want to be without them.

    The rest of my system is in my signature. The unused components due to upgrades are a Cambridge Audio 640A, Marantz CD5001, Ascend CBM 170SE, NHT SuperOne's, Sony cd changer recorder, Rotel RQ970 BX phono preamp.

    Future upgrades will be the Exposure 2010S integrated amp and either the Musical Fidelity XLPS v8 or Simaudio Moon LP3 phono preamps.
    Vinyl Rega Planar 2, Incognito rewire, Deepgroove subplatter, ceramic bearing, Michell Technoweight, Rega 24V motor, TTPSU, FunkFirm Achroplat platter, Michael Lim top and bottom braces, 2 Rega feet and one RDC cones. Grado Sonata, Moon 110 LP phono.
    Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD/cd SID mat, Marantz SA 8001
    Int. Amp Krell S-300i
    Monitor Audio RS6
    AQ SPKR and AQ XLR and IC

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    Jan 2003
    Never posted in this one....

    Counterpoint NPS400 - $4500
    Vac CLA1 MKII - $6500
    Clearfield Continental Speakers - $4500
    Dynaudio Audience 82s - $2700
    Rotel 1071 CDP - $799
    OPPO 93 - $500
    Integra 30.3 - $699
    Mirage OM12 sub - $450
    Infinity Beta Center - $200 (?)
    Dynaudio Audience 42s - $799
    Odyssey Stratos - $1200
    Synergistic Speaker Cables - $1400
    2 sets Synergistic ICs - $900
    Various other Tara Labs ICs - $1000
    Rotel 1050 Receiver - $800
    JM Labs Tantal 509s - $800

    Lots of other gear not even listed but all above in the rack and working in one configuration or another.

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    Dec 2009
    Florian, your amazing system is fit for President Obama and Queen Elizabeth !!!!! I bet you the current system at the White House and Buckingham Palace don't even come close to what you have in your own mansion. Your total costs of $345K cost more than the average price of a house in U.S. and Canada!!!!!!!! BTW, your house must be worth a few times more than what the equipment costs!!!!!!
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    Dec 2009
    My current system includes the following:

    Main floor:
    -Anthem receiver MRX 700: $2,200
    -Totem Sttaf used as main front: $1,895
    -Totem Mite T Centre: $650
    -Totem Mite rear surround: $825
    -Mirage sub: $350
    -Onkyo Blu-Ray: $400
    -Sony VE5: $1,000
    -various monster cables, etc: $300

    -Yamaha receiver: $400
    -Sony XBR: $4,400
    -Mirage front speakers: $750
    -Boston Acoustic Centre: $250
    -Polk rear surround:$200
    -PVR: $400

    The total costs come up to $14,420, excluding many used equipment when upgrading to current systems.

    This is , for sure, an expensive hobby!!!!!! It becomes worse when you feel the urge to upgrade !!!!!!!!
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    Forum Regular thepogue's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Hayes, Va
    ML # 27 - 2,700
    Musical Fidelity 308cr 2,400
    ML Prodigy's 11,000
    Rega Planet 1,000
    CJ Premier 9 DAC 3,000
    LP-12 3,000
    Straightwire Cabling 2,000

    25k ish
    • Mark Levinson No. 27
    • Musical Fidelity 308cr
    • Martin Logan Prodigy's
    • Ariel Acoustics 10-T
    • Rega Planet CD
    • CJ Premier 9 DAC
    • Linn LP12 - Basik Plus - Valhalla
    • Benz Micro Cart.
    • Akai GX 747 Reel to Reel
    • Straight Wire Virtuoso Interconnects

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    Oct 2005
    Emotiva UMC1 700.00
    Emotiva XPA-5 800.00
    Oppo BDP-93 514.00
    Yamaha M-65 500.00
    Legacy Focus 6500.00
    Silver Screen 1495.00
    T&A P-30 2100.00
    Klipsch RS3 500.00
    Sony KDL-52XBR5 5000.00
    Monster 3500MKII 400.00
    PS3 600.00
    Audioquest cables 600.00
    BelloLCD/audio stand400.00
    Power Cords 150.00

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    stuck on vintage dingus's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Graham, WA
    i'm in at just under $10k (prices approximate; esp. the wire)

    AR MGC-1 ...............$3600
    M&K V-1b .................$900
    Pioneer VSX-47TX ....$3000
    Oppo BDP 83.............$600
    Squeezebox ..............$300
    Vortexbox Appliance ..$350
    Panamax Max 5300 ...$400
    various wire ...............$350
    AR MGC-1, AR C225 PS, M&K V-1B, Pioneer VSX 47TX, Oppo BDP-83, Squeezebox v3, Vortexbox Appliance.

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    Home Of The Fighting Gamecocks
    Price is not indicative of sound quality. Less expensive DIY options can compete with and exceed the highest priced gear.

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    I put the Gee in Gear.... thekid's Avatar
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    VB VA
    Hmmmm 3 yr-old thread- Anyone calculated for the depreciation or appreciation of their gear since then???

    Can't really calculate what my main system is worth. It depends too much on what the local Salvation Army is charging for it these days........
    NAD D3020
    Denon 2910
    Denon DMD 1000
    MSB Link DAC III
    Von Schweikert VR2
    NAD 7240PE
    NAD 5240
    Hughes AK 100
    Tascam 122
    Technics SL 1700
    Rogers BBC Monitors LS3/6

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    Apr 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by thekid View Post
    Hmmmm 3 yr-old thread- Anyone calculated for the depreciation or appreciation of their gear since then???

    Can't really calculate what my main system is worth. It depends too much on what the local Salvation Army is charging for it these days........

    depreciation is not important, nor price.
    APPRECIATION is all, if you appreciate it you have done
    well my lad.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    LG 42", integra 6.9, B&W 602s2, CC6 center, dm305rears, b&w
    sub asw2500
    Panny DVDA player
    sharp Aquos BLU player
    pronto remote, technics antique direct drive TT
    Samsung SACD/DVDA player
    emotiva upa-2 two channel amp

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    Feb 2003
    Maybe this deserves a redo with the professions & approximate incomes of the systems' owners also included. Some people may have professional systems because they make their living in the audiophile equipment business. Others may simply prefer to enjoy life while they may. Some may simply be very cautious with a buck. Today's economy would seem to prove that the latter have the right idea.

    My daughter was negotiating a buy-sell with another doctor some years ago where she would be the junior doctor for 3 years and then the other doctor would [supposedly] retire after that 3 years at 65. Somehow she learned that that doctor, who really lived the big life, had only saved $500,000 toward his pending retirement. She broke off the negoiations and opened her own offices because she figured she would be the junior doctor in that practice for a long time. She & her banker husband still live in a modest mortgage-free house.

    I have about $20,000 spread over 4 systems with about $10,000 of that in one main system, and I feel guilty about that.

    I am also retired but we are better off than most. This economy has led to cutbacks in non-essential spending, like on the State Police & Sheriff's department, so I just hope I have enough guns & ammo...... the situation seems to be worsening for the working classes and now the middle class, and not counting our constipated Congress there are still a lot of people who do not think very far ahead. So... let's put some music on....

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    AR Newbie Registered Member
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    Quote Originally Posted by OzzieAudiophile View Post
    Hello fellow audio-phreaks.

    My other poll gave you the opportunity to express your passion to what kind(s) of
    hifi systems you have set up in your home. Sorry I published ppl's choices, I will NOT do
    that for this poll. You will be able to see the number result only, not who voted.

    This one concentrates on how much pain, passion, dollars, you have paid in order to
    take you to that journey you need to make. This is the TOTAL cost (retail price), of ALL
    of the hifi systems in your home, as many as you actually have at home. Vote on what
    your system(s) are worth shop retail price, NOT what you paid for.

    Make sure you also add up all of your speaker cables, interconnects, speaker end plugs,
    power surge protectors, UPSs, current regulator systems, sound dampeners, hifi/component
    cabinets, LCD/Plasma, TVs, VCRs, BluRay players, HD boxes, DVR's, PVR's, surround
    speakers, Subwoofers.

    DO NOT add the value of your CD/DVD disc collections. I'm not interested in music media in
    this poll.

    Any set up over 5K, I'd be interested to know what it is, if it's in your profile, let me know,
    to save space

    This is NOT a contest, it's not a 'most expensive' wins. I'm purely curious as what it took
    to make your listening experiences as pleasurable as possible.

    My theory is you cannot put a number/price on audio happiness. However we do tend
    to live in life, the same way as we journey through our audio listening experienced lives.
    We upgrade once in a while, some more often than others. Technology demands some of
    us to upgrade more often than we would of 10 years ago.

    I'm willing to take a guess that the majority of folks would have a system worth about
    5K. I would be interested to find how if that ends up being the case, or am I so totally
    wrong ?

    Any systems 10K or more, msg me personally. I want to understand which components
    are your most expensive ones, why you made those choices, what would you also say
    is the weakness in your system (if you have found any).

    NOTE : If you found this poll a most useful "getting to know our other hifi breatherin"
    excercise, your positive feedback is welcome.

    Thankyou again.
    Well..I have prity cheap tube electronic from China but sounds great...with german boxes Magnat Sigma 1000 ....30 years old but the sound is terrific

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    Er... 800? I feel so insignificant!

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    Feel the Tempo eisforelectronic's Avatar
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    Emotiva UMC-1 $699
    Emotiva XPA-3 $699
    Peachtree Audio INova $1799
    BAT VK-D5se $4000
    Audio Physic Tempo 6's $6000
    Sony PS3 $600
    Audio Physic Avanti IV w/upgraded mids and crossover
    Emotiva UMC-1
    Emotiva XPA-3
    Peachtree Audio iNova
    Rega Brio-R
    Rega RP-1
    Sony PS3
    BAT VK-D5se
    Totem Acoustic Dreamcatchers

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