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    Talking what is all this about MP3 USB KEY ?


    I am new to MP3 players.
    You might aswell read my 2 small posts before reading this post to understand it :

    "Recommend me your best" - where I ask for people's advice to choose me a gadget (because I don't know what gadget is suitable for my needs) and it mentions what functions I am looking for in that gadget.

    "Some-thing strange about MP3 Players/Recorders !!!" - where I ask some basic questions about MP3 Players.

    I am going to ask the website these questions but usually it takes 7 days for a website to get back and I can't afford to wait that long as I need to buy one immediately and so I need your brilliant helps.

    Anyway, after checking a lot of brands and models I have come across many technical words that I don't understand. I have listed them in BOLD below so please try to explain them to me as much as you can.
    I am not expecting anyone to explain every single technical words which I have listed but if anyone does volunteer to do so then GREAT !!!
    I am not just simply listing the technical words because if I do that then maybe you too won't understand as some-times different websites list different words (which you have never heard or read before) explaining the same thing. And that is why I have listed the "context" aswell as the links so you can check the "technical information" of each MP3 Player/Recorder on the links yourself to check-out the full contexts of each products's technical descriptions.
    Please note that I am not spamming the links because I don't own them and I am not affiliated with them either otherwise I would have listed my referral links.
    Please look-out for the BOLD text for those are the words which I do not understand and need help to understand them and look-out for underlined text because those are my questions.
    Try to answer as much as you can.

    Thank You




    Functions : Data support
    LCD panel : Reversible LCD screen for left/right hand use
    Other information : 5 band customized equalizer and 4 preselections (Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical)

    What does data support mean here ? What kind of support ?


    MEMUP Music Drive I 256 MB MP3 USB 2.0 key

    Functions : MP3/WMA player, USB key, dictaphone

    dictaphone ? Is this the built-in microphone that I speak into to record my voice ? I wonder upto how far these can record !


    CREATIVE USB MP3 MuVo TX FM 512 USB2 key

    Record Function : FM/ vocal recording

    Other: Audio anti-shock system

    What is "vocal" ? Sorry ! Didn't understand anything about "vocal" from :


    INOVIX MP3 USB 256 Mb black key

    LCD panel : Backlit LCD screen

    What is this "back-lit" ?


    CREATIVE MuVo TX FM USB key - 256MB

    Functions : Dictaphone, Data support, FM radio and recorder

    LCD panel : Reversible LCD screen for right/left handed operations
    Compatible with ID3 Tag

    What is this ID3 thingy ?


    INOVIX USB key / MP3 iMP-10 - 512MB

    Other information : 9 folders, with 99 files in each

    What are these 9 folders usually named ? And, I guess the 99 names are 99 music files ?


    INOVIX USB 2.0 key Mp3 FM radio iMP-64 512MB

    LCD panel :
    LCD 128 x 32 points Dot-Matrix
    Type LED
    backlit (Blue)
    ID3 Tag version 2 display: Album, Artist, Title

    Display: Audio format, playmode, trach Nr,
    battery status, volume control, equalizer, recording status,
    lock, USB connection, track remaining time

    Other information :
    Decoder : 65 MIPS DSP
    6-mode equalizer
    Recording from FM radio.
    Firmware upgradbale via user
    Compatible with Win Me/XP/2K & Mac OS X
    Built in radio

    "Lock" ? Lock what ? And "Equalizer" ? Equalize what ?


    MSI USB Key MP3 128Mb

    Supported formats : MP3 et WMA

    WHat is this "et" ?


    TYPHOON USB key MP3 Revolution 128 Mb

    Functions :
    Lecteur MP3
    FM Radio
    Storage Support
    Direct Encoding from any audio source

    What is this "lecteur MP3" and what is it meant by "directly ENCODING" ?


    NEONUMERIC USB key MP3 Neo-Ilyn 512MB

    Record Function : FM radio encoder, direct encoder, dictaphone


    ISM TECHNOLOGIE I-Bead Ice USB key 256Mo + Charger

    Functions : MP3 player/USB key/Memory support/ Encodable FM tuner/Dictating machine function


    TWINMOS USB Mobile Music MPM S11 256MB

    Other information : Auto-reply, 5 mode equalizer


    LIVE MUSIC USB MP3 256Mb key

    Included accessories :
    PC softwares
    Silver round the neck strap
    USB extension
    Encoding cable
    Stereo earphones
    AAA alcaline battery
    Manual in french


    IRIVER Player MP3 iFP-180T

    Record Function :
    Radio and dictaphone encoding

    Does this mean the MP3 Player can also record music played in it's internal radio ?



    NEONUMERIC MP3 Player Neo Safa LCD 512 Mb

    Record Function : Direct recording (FM, audio source, microphone)

    Multimedia Functions : FM radio (20 presets) E-book, PC net PC, data storage, memo functions, digital image album, games

    Advanced Functions : variable EQ, 3D stereo sound, slow and fast play, CD-Sync and VOR

    What has "ebook" got to do with any of this ?


    SAMSUNG YP-T6X 512 MB MP3 Player

    Record Function : Dictaphone and MP3 converter

    Multimedia Functions : 7 curve equaliser, adjustable with SRS WOW External hard drive


    OREGON MP3 Player MP 100 black

    Removable Memory : No

    InterFace : USB 2.0 for rapid file transfer (USB Flash Drive)

    I thought that all I have to do to download music files from my pc to my MP3 Player or upload music from my MP3 Player to my PC is to hook-up them both with a USB cable so what does a remove-able medi "flash card" got to do with any of this ?


    MEMUP KoolSteel 256 MB FM MP3 player

    Multimedia Functions :
    Direct encryption from external sources
    Use as infrared remote control
    Spectrum anlysis

    Playlist navigation
    ID3 tag display

    Other :
    Retractable USB connecter
    DRM 100 compatible

    Lithium-Ion Polymer battery: 30 hour battery life


    INOVIX MP3 IMP-33B 1024Mb player

    Other :
    Firmware upgradable via the user, 6-mode equalizer, playmodes (Normal, Repeat one, Repeat all, Shuffle, Repeat S),
    decoder : 75 MIPS DSP STMP3501
    Recording : Vocal ADPCM recording format, encoding in MP3 format (FM recording), recording via integrated

    recording via integrated ? Don't understand this atall.
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