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    What the.....?????

    Like all the other newbies.. I couldn't find the introductions forum and like the rest of them I'm osting in here.. I have been into audio since 1972 at age 7.. It was my uncles fault.. I still remember his white Lenco turntable listen the David Bowie.. and his Teac reel to reel.. which I now own.. Later I worked at his stereo repair shop and much later owning my own shop that installed car audio and remote staters. In the mix of it, I got bitten by the HT bug.. and have been at it since. I have been read reviews on this site and just purchased an Onkyo 805 receiver... Thanks for having me...glad I'm here

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    Welcome to AudioReview. All the consumer review sites mention an introduction thread but I have not been able to find them on other sites. Glad you jumped in when you could not find it.
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    Welcome! Your experience will be a great asset here.
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    The intro thread eluded me too.
    Perhaps it's the first test for us new to the neighborhood --trying to decipher what's going on!
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