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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Well, I'm off to Texas for a week or so.

    Gonna visit the boys and the grand-kids in College Station and Gainesville, with a day or so for Mrs w and myself in Austin/San Antonio. All packed and have the Sansa loaded with about 240 of my favorite tunes.

    Try an keep this place up and running when I'm gone, OK?

    And, for my little PM hemorrhoid asstericx, keep an eye on your "retarded "cousin for me, will ya? You don't want him breaking any more of your Christmas toys.

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    Have a great time in Texas. There is a great tattoo parlor in San Antonio and it is definitely on the wrong side of the tracks. Rather frightening at 3AM. Also avoid the Deluxe Inn. It is not deluxe in any way.
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