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    value of vintage snell speakers?

    Hello, I am not very tech savy and have two Snell E3 speakers from around the later 80's that I have to sell. They are large, wooden and in good shape. I cannot find the value, and am asking people here to give advice. I did go to a site that you paid for an appraisal, but declined. Last time I used them they sounded as awesome as ever, just perfect. If you could help, please do. Otherwise, thanks anyway and best to all. I live in tampa, florida.

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    These people do list a couple of Snell speakers, but not your model. Just search for "Snell".

    I don't know if this is the site you spoke of that wanted a fee to show you a price, but they do show a Snell E3 in their "bluebook". I have used this site for years and they are legitimate and fair.

    Otherwise undamaged used speakers are usually priced at 1/2 of new retail depending on age, less if they are over 8 years or so old.

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    Herman beat me to it. His advice was what I was going to say word for word. Also do a search on The Bay and see what Snell's have been going for or are going for.

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    here is a post from the asylum:

    and below is for a current version.

    hope this helps.

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    Talking Thanks fo snell value response-

    Thank Yall so much !! These speakers still sound great, wanted to get some value out so I can buy a compact stereo set. In these times, I don't want to over price, but get something akin to their worth. THIS is why I come to this source, audiophiles like you who share your knowledge with people who aren't so tech savy. It helps, debnova (debbie).

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