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    Turntable question

    I have an extensive vinyl collection that has been gathering dust for many years. My old turntable is in a box here somewhere. Since I can't find my old turntable, I bought another one, a JVC AL-F3, used. Everything is now hooked up and I put on an old Rare Earth album. I found that the needle stuck on one groove and did not move across the record as it should. My thinking is that the existing stylus is worn out and that I am in need of a new stylus for the turntable. Should replacing the stylus fix the problem or could it be a problem with the arm? It moves freely as it should. Should I look into replacing the cartridge or just the stylus?

    I look forward to your insight and help.


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    I would play a few more LP's to see if the problem happens again, it could be the Rare Earth has a damaged groove or deep scratch that isn't allowing the needle to go further across. Record skips are pretty common on vinyl that hasn't been taken care of or was subject of a playing accident.

    This is just me personally, I most always replace the cart as the stylus is usually at least 75% of the cost by itself. The exception may be if you have a really good or expensive cart you want to hang on to. If you want to replace the cart check out Ortofon who has them as low as $55.00 and up and good performance in my opinion.

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