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    Open-Source Music Initiative

    Quote Originally Posted by jocko_nc
    am this close from converting this thing over to Linux. jocko
    Well, not to get too far off-topic, but at my work, we've been meeting about a plan to convert all our servers to Linux (maybe BSD Unix) to avoid rising Microsoft licensing fees. We will also be installing Linux on non-essential workstations (about 30% of our nodes). All this is part of a cost-reduction plan for software licensing fees that we plan to implement over the next 3 yrs or so. I'm not a Linux guy, but I'm very curious to see where this is headed.

    Getting back to the music industry, I would be very interested in an Open-Source initiative for music. If there is already something like that out there, great, but if not, I wouldn't mind working on this.

    Anyone know of any websites or groups working on this?

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    Adding to the list of open source software try for an office suite (spreadsheets, wordprocessor, presentations, etc). It is pretty good and a lot of it is very similar to microsoft products so it takes no time to learn.

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