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    Technics Semi-Automatic Belt Drive Turntable

    I'm new to turntables and the forum. I've been looking around for a TT and came across this. This TT is definitely in my price range but is it worth spending my money on at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nealt128
    I'm new to turntables and the forum. I've been looking around for a TT and came across this. This TT is definitely in my price range but is it worth spending my money on at all?
    Your url is down right now, but heres a few facts.
    Technics is made by PANASONIC.
    I have two of their turntables, one belt and one direct drive, both made in the late eighties,
    both still work great.
    Technics used to be panasonics "high end" brand in the seventies, and sold some really good stuff, then they sold out to the mass market like a lot of others, sold a bunch of mid fi stuff in the ninties.
    Don't know anything about their current turntables, probably like a lot of other mass market turntables .
    Might want to check out
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    Don't do it

    My kids got Technics like that one, used, with Audio Technica cart. After playing one of their albums (Made In Japan, Deep Purple), I had to say to my girls that thing has to go. Mudding, broom, anti-scatting needed adjustment, are just some of the problems.
    It is better to buy nice used TT, and you could be there for pleasant surprise. Don't use e-bay, way too many "deals gone bad". Use legit HiFi classifieds sites, or even forums like this one. Also, try to avoid shipping. Pick it up yourself - road trip is what everebody needs from time to time.
    They are also good.
    About month ago I bought Dual 1225 with Shure M75 cart. My local dealer had it forgotten in the corner. Right now I'm flirting with used Linn Axis. Dual has some problems with auto start, but I do not have enough time to take it apart and use some good lubrication - usually when one digs for something, finds more things... But that's the fun, and this stupid thing does not have any influence on the sound.
    If you want I could see with my local dealer what he could sell to you. There are quite a few TTs in his shop, some of them used.
    Good luck!

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    The Dual 1225 had a great reputation many years back. Pixelthis is right about the Technics label and their turntables of yesteryear.

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    I am watching - i need a tt to replace my Dual (i should have fixed it... grumble)
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    Good starter rig

    The 'table itself is fine but you're going to want to replace the cartridge. Look for P-Mount cartridges - there are some decent ones out there. But the one that comes with this unit is pretty awful. If you get this 'table, email me as I think I have an Ortofon P-Mount I'll never use anymore. It should be in decent shape and I can send it to you for your replacement. It may as well do its job in someone's system!
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