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Thread: Stereo HELP!

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    Stereo HELP!

    I'm a noob when it comes to audio equipment and this forum. I just moved and brought my jvc bookshelf speaker system. When I hook it up and try to play a CD the left speaker sounds fine but the right one doesn't work. The subs are separate connections and work on both sides. The right speaker works when I plug it into the left speaker connection and occasionally when I get the right connection to work it makes the speaker connected to it blast a LOUD distorted noise that sounds horrible. Even if the volume is all the way down and I get it to work it is still loud as hell. Is there any hope of getting this fixed?

    Cliffs Notes: Right speaker channel on my JVC stereo doesn't work and makes the speaker hooked up to it BLARE distortion if it does. Even with no volume.

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    CD only? So the radio works okay? If so - see if you have an external input - buy a portable CD player and use that.

    If the radio and all other inputs do the same thing -

    Try swapping the wires (since you moved - you *may* have pinched or shorted them)...

    If not - it is the receiver. Try a repair store (but hard to find now-a-days...) or consider (if it is old enough) just buying a new one. The model is - if it will cost more than 60% of the replacment cost to fix it- just buy a new one...

    If the unit has pre-amp outs - you may get away with just buying a new/used receiver and keep using the old CD player as an input....
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