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    Question Speaker handling capacity.

    I own PSB Alpha Mini Speakers, bought in 1997. The input power is 10-80 watts. I am interested in upgrading my receiver to the Denon 7.1 AVR3805 120 watts per / ch x 7. My speakers may be 7 years old but still sound excellent. Will the Denon 3805 be to powerfull for the speakers? My second choice is the Denon AVR2805 100W x 7.

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    Nah, you'll be fine. In the real world, that receiver will probably never get over a true 30 watts per channel so don't worry about it, and if it were to get that high you wouldn't be able to sit in the room with it.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Remember, always follow the first rule of audio.

    "If it starts to sound fuzzy, distorted or just generally funky, turn it down NOW"

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