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    Sony Subwoofer question

    I just picked up a sony model SA-W2500 100W subwoofer and connected it to my old panasonic SA-PM08 dvd/stereo system via an audio cable running from the "Line in" port on the woofer to the "Sub out" port on my stereo system. There is no bass, or sound, whatsoever coming out of the subwoofer. Perhaps the sub just isnt compatible? under the sub out port there's an inscription that reads "5.1 ch disc playback only." do i need to get a new receiver?

    im no good with home theater - id appreciate any help.

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    I think that note on the sub out connection is telling you that you'll get sound from that port only in the case of low frequency effects from a DVD that has a 5.1 soundtrack...not all the time.

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    If you have an owners Manuel, then there should be sub+main section with run options. this will help pick if you want to run the sub all the time or when a sub signal is sent from the processor.
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    wt the dvd player is trying to tell u is this that u need to play a dvd movie with 5.1 audio track. and only that .1 LF channel audio will be passed onto that sub OUT port. run a movie with 5.1 track and check, your dvd player might also have a option to run the default dolby/dts option or stereo etc.

    does ur woofer has a built in low pass filter? can it receive full range signal? if yes, then connect it to main out of your player and check.

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    ...the only thing I would add is to check also any programming features the player may have to make sure that you haven't bypassed or shut off the sub. On that note, there may also be sub specific tuning that needs to be turned up...I think with an owner's manual you should overcome this prob...

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