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Thread: Signal Cable.

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    Signal Cable.

    Hello everyone.

    Just stopped by to tell everyone about the great chat I had with owner Frank of Signal Cable. I am in the mist of upgrading my cables for my system and found his site. Loving the look and price of his item's, I shot him a email asking him about his silver cables. I told him my uses and what I needed a cable to do, he email's back telling me about his almost half the price other cables. A company that's home owned trying to save me money? Not trying to rip me off? He's a good man, and when my cables come I'll let everyone know how the look and sound!

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    Joe put me onto this site. You are into DIY, right? This will be the next thing I try out. Hopefully my days of spending $20+/M are over...

    simple to do!

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