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    Unhappy RPTV gone yellow?

    i have a samsumg 42inch rear projection HDTV, i bought it at xmas, it had a flaw in the screen so i returned it for a replacement at the end of january.

    well as of yesterday the screen has gone a terribly yellow, its like instead of white, the tv produces yellow. all the inputs are the same, it just looks yellow. does this mean that one of the light guns is going bad already? its only 3 months old! also of note, this tv has a focusing feature which seemed to stop working properly as soon as the yellow started.

    i havent had a chance to contact samsung yet, but i thought i'd ask here to see if you guys have any idea what's going on. i've left it unplugged last night and all day today, hopefully that will reset it and maybe fix whatever is wrong.

    my roomate had a samsung RPTV and it was great, this is my second defective unit in 4 months...what gives?

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    All yellow RPTV

    Most likely the blue gun has failed (or the power or the drive circuits) The remaining two CRTs Red and Green will add up to yellow (additive color mix not subtractive like paints)

    Rear projection TVs have been around a lomg time and are reasonably reliable, sounds like just some bad luck. You might search the net to see if there are other customers with this same problem on this model.

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