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    Headphones for MP3 Player

    posting here because I've read some of your reviews, and though they were very comprehensive. I currently have a pair of sony mdr-j10 headphones, but they are nackered now, and as I am looking to buy a iRiver iHP-120 MP3 player in the next couple of weeks, I want something gud to replace the supplied earbuds. HOWEVER, there is a catch - I have to use "clip" headphones, like the mdr-j10, since i have never yet found earbuds to stay in my ears. anything you guys could recommend would be gratefully received. I am unwilling to spend more than approx 25 on them, unless they're really special .

    oh, and as a P.S. i would like to stick with seperate headphones, not a proper set of DJ style ones, for portability's sake. Anyone have any experience of Koss KSC19 and KSC22?
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