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    Recommendations needed for component rack

    I am looking for a component rack for a line conditioner, amp, preamp, tuner, CD player, and turntable. No glass!!! Preferable with a way to hide wires (if it kept the power cables separate from the interconnects even better). I am thinking black for the color. I am using an old Sanui turntable but am upgrading to a Technics 1210 soon. Space is tight in my listening room so it would be nice if the rack was heavy enough to dampen the turntable. I would like to keep it under $500. Any suggestions?
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    Depending on your budget there's stuff from Sanus and Salamander that would more than fill the bill.

    Try and you should find some of what you're looking for.

    Da Worfster

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    Or, you could go the DIY route. I've just posted a couple of pictures in the DIY section of the photo gallery. It ain't rocket science and it only cost $125.00 for the materials.

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    Here's a nice rack but its about $800
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    Not to say my method is the best but....

    How many LP do you have, and what is the situation with your LP rack?

    I use 4 LP storage rack as my audio gear rack, and 3+1 TT's I've had played very comfortably. Never showed a single sign of unwanted feedback. I got these racks for about $40 a pop so they'll do just fine. if your room allows additional space, then you want to consider this as one of the options.

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    Try I bought a VTI 4 tier rack for $225. Nice setup, every level is on spikes with a rosewood shelf. They have several 3 and 4 leg ones. Mine is 3 leg. You can also purchase extra shelves to stack or as seperate amp stands.

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    Definitely, Very good site. I found a peerless flat screen pedestal stand for in front of the treadmill, an item somewhat hard to locate, they had it. Good service too.

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    Lovan is what you want.
    I got an audio stand on sale for half price (250).
    The reason they are so good for TT is their "tri isolation" system,
    which limits contact of the shelves to three tiny points.
    AND they look great.
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