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    Receiver: Spring Cleaning Advice?

    I have a 17 year old stereo receiver which I use for music and it sounds fine. Through the top grill I can see a veneer of dust lying on all the internal parts. 17 years worth. Probably alot comes from the fireplace about 6 feet away. What is the best method, process for me to clean it??? I live in a rural area. The "local" electronics guy, about 20 miles away just retired and the nearest shop is now 90 miles away. I would rather dust-off at home than drive a few hours. I think this is a DIY project? Should I ramp up the Shop Vac or is there a better method??? Q-Tips? No knobs...just the interior power supply, caps and wires to un-dust. Advice appreciated, Thank you, Jack

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    best way is to unscrew the cover, and take that off. if you have a air compressor you just blow everything off. being somewhat carefull of course. dont just blow tons of air right at wires and such. just enough to get all the dust and dirt out.

    if you dont have a compressor, you can buy thoughs canned air things they have for dusting. just be carefull not to slant it to much, other wise the chemical liquid can come out and drip on the internals. and liquid and amps arent a good match.

    if you do get some on something its not to big of a deal but just make sure you give the amp a while before you turn it back on, to make sure it is all dry.

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    Periodically, I just lift off the cover and give the interior a few good hits of compressed air. Use the narrow nozzle to blast away any dust accumulation around the buttons and knobs. It's more than just aesthetics -- a lot build up on the buttons and knobs can create noise or short out a connection. Any place that carries computer or camera accessories and some hardware stores should stock it. Since you've got 17 years worth of accumulation, I suggest you do it in a very well ventilated place (esp. since if you're not careful, that compressed air can also give you rather sizable buzz).

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    I thought of that right after I posted since I had a can sitting on my shelf. Duh? I have all interior dust on the caps, power supply, cables and circuit boards...all the controls are not knobs, they are sealed "touch buttons". Circuit boards seem well dusted too, so I will be careful with them, they look more fragile than anything else. Thanks, jack

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