Hey guys. I bought a Toshiba 57HX83 about 3 months ago. Awesome t.v. Lately Ive noticed a slight flickering(like a dim candle)on the screen. The color changes a little bit for a few min then works fine. Its pretty random but it does occur. I checked my component cable(worth $150 and they r correct and tightly in the inputs on the back of the tv. I have a dvd plyr and xbox. Both at the same time were effected so it has to be the tv. I checked my surge bar(worth $300) and everything was fine. I tightened it all. My tv even has something called ALS(light sensor) and i turned it off but i noticed it again today. What could it be? The tech guy from where i bougtht it is looking at it on friday. Like i said, its a light flicker which is green greyish.The tv works perfect 95% of the time but lately ive notcied this. Should i panic? Any suggestions? Peace.