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    A question about corner bass traps

    I am wondering if I can cover a corner bass trap like this with fabric to match the color of my room. I don't want to compromise their effectiveness.

    what type of material would work best?
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    Speaker grille cloth should work fine, it's a very open weave fabric. Don't stretch it tight enough to collapse any of the foam.

    Madisound carries it in brown or black at $7.00 yard. Most probably Parts Express has it as well.

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    Probably, the cloth won't impair the effectiveness of the traps.
    Here's a link to more info regarding room treatments.

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    As others have said, the fabric won't affect the performance of a bass trap. Fabrics are typically not reflective enough to affect the low frequencies, so just go with whatever matches. With acoustic panels designed to absorb high and midrange frequencies, then the type of fabric used does matter more because tight weaves and dense fabrics can reflect higher frequencies more than looser and more transparent fabrics. Other DIY bass traps I've seen use burlap material.

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    Make your own

    Very good link to make an effective bass trap by Jon Risch. I have made some of his pannels for my side walls and have had good results.
    have fun

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