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Thread: Quelle horreur!

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    Quelle horreur!

    Elsewhere (Sound Thinking) someone posted the stunning news that Emerson had acquired Adcom. I don't know how to post a link, but perhaps one of our more computer literate folks could do the same here, posting a link to the article in Stereophile outlining the merger.

    Frankly, as I posted on ST, this makes about as much sense as when BSR acquired dbx. I sincerely hope the Adcom product and name don't suffer from this association with a schlock distributor such as Emerson. This acquisition makes about as much sense as Hoover acquiring Krell...

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    Or Soundesign acquiring MacIntosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelsci
    Or Soundesign acquiring McIntosh.

    no, that would be the end of the world scenario
    Life is music!

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    Or Goldstar becoming LG (Lucky Goldstar)

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    D&M own Mac, Denon, Boston, Snell, and Marantz and they all seem to co-existing under the same roof swimmingly.

    On the flip side, Audiovox bought AR and now the once legendary company is associated with cut-rate accessories and cables instead of revolutionary speakers.

    Time will tell.

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    the golden age is over, I AM JUST GLAD I experienced it.
    In George orwells "1984" Winston woould put unpleasant facts down the memory hole.
    In rollerball they put all of the worlds knowledge in a faulty computer.
    Nowadays a lot of great product is being shipped overseas, and boxes labeled "designed
    in america" but built in china are coming back.
    this stuff looks great but is not the same quality stuff that was once made.
    And when the tide turns, we run outta oil, or something else breaks the fragil supply
    line that is in some places 3,000 miles long, that will be it.
    THE only place these great pieces of gear will exist is in the minds of aging fans, and a few attic shelves
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