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Thread: please help me

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    please help me

    Right im abit of a noob

    but i was just looking through my attic and found my old speakers for my old hi fi

    anyway is there anyway i can link them up to my tv or pc ? so i can blast music out louder ?

    the connections just one wire that splits into 2

    i know electrical oponents well doing my second year of a-levels in electronics and i have all the tools to solders or whatever

    please can someone tell me how i can link them up



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    Quote Originally Posted by meekyman47

    Anyway is there anyway I can link them up to my tv or pc ? so I can blast music out louder ?
    TV or PC do not have enough power to drive stand alone speaker. So you will need a cheap amplifier or receiver (probably from a pwan shop) to drive the speaker.

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