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Thread: Plaster Walls

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    Plaster Walls

    Tried my new (used) Jamo 68 book shelf speakers in my house last weekend. They sound a bit echoey while the Jamo C 601 bookshelf speakers did not. The 68's have a front port while the 601's are rear ported.

    The house has plaster walls and hardwood floors. Going to put down a rug to cover over half of the hardwood in the listening room and I've added heavy drapes to the two windows.

    What can I put on the plaster to help absorb the sound from the speakers? Need something that won't require damaging the plaster either. That means no nailing or drilling into the walls. Will hang stuff with tacks or tape but nothing else.

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    Well ... in my case I have an oriental carpet that is nailed to the wall with carpet tacks. It's there for aesthetic reasons more than sound treatment but serves that purpose too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor View Post
    Well ... in my case I have an oriental carpet that is nailed to the wall with carpet tacks. It's there for aesthetic reasons more than sound treatment but serves that purpose too.
    I guess I will have to look into some kind of foam option since I don't want to tack a carpet to the wall. Will require heavier tacks than I'd like to use in this wall.

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    Not easy to find but you could hang tapestry hear or there. If you aren't picky about how that room looks you could try hanging light blankets or heavy cloth material. In a room I was using for a workout room I found these flannel throws I could hang with thumb tacks. Maybe not thick enough to do the best but better than nothing.

    Also, anything that would diffuse the sound, if you have a book case you could sit it against the wall at first reflection. You could maybe build some frames with material large enough to stand and then wouldn't need to harm the wall. If you had some place to store them away you could even move them in and out of the room if décor was a concern.

    You know that spray you use to fill cracks between window frames to insulate, what do you think that would look like sprayed on the wall, LOL Just have like a permanent foam wall.

    Your rug should go on the floor right in front of the speakers opposed to back further, you want to stop sound from reflecting. Find you some beanbag chairs to add to the room. Just use your imagination
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    GIK Acoustics has what you need. IMO their products are very reasonably priced.
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