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    Onkyo HTIB 770 v. Pana XR25+Athena Micra 6

    I'm considering getting one of those two systems:
    an Onkyo HTS-770, which would come out to be about $340
    A Panasonic XR25 with Athena Micra 6 speakers, which would come out to be about 450.

    Could anyone give me any advice on which one of these would be better to go with? I'm trying to build a budget system for a medium size room. Almost all of my sound will have digital source. Thanks!

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    don't really know about the Onkyo HTiB, but those Athena speakers have been getting some really, really great reviews and that Panasonic line have been also. My kid has that panny's big brother and it works and sounds great, considering the price.

    As it clearly states, your room size might be an issue but that holds true with any speaker system.

    If you are getting them for that price, consider yourself lucky.
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