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    OK wireless...

    ...anyone have any comments/recs re: wireless 'phones...definitely not interested in IR models...the RF models seem to be the way to go, given the circumstances...

    Did some on-line research, hands-on samples seem to be limited in their availability...mostly the cheaper units...Sennheisers et al are as rare as hen's teeth...Audiophile-grade fidelity is not the main concern (but logically shouldn't be discounted)as they will be primarily for occasional, out of hours teevee use...light weight and decent reception are prime factors...

    Actually they're for the missus...I had originally considered getting her an AM/FM/TV personal portable with their lightweight 'phones, but after investigating it turns out they only do VHF in the TVband, so UHF/VCR/DVDs would be excluded...

    I've already compromised my safety concerns and plugged-in a 6ft. Belkin extension cord to supplement the line on the Koss hdst she now uses, but absolutely draw the line at adding yet another...just an accident waiting to happen IMO...esp w/our furry friend.

    jimHJJ(...thanks for any assist...)
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