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    Norah Jones, Feels like Home CD problems..

    Hi Guys,

    I was hoping you guys could share any experiences you might have had with the new Norah Jones CD, Feels Like Home. The problem is that my CD player which has a Phillips transport will not play this particular disc. I'm told by the dealer that this is due to the Norah Jones CD being encrypted with this new "copy control" technology. In fact, this is the first CD that I have encountered with this technology. My dealer puts the blame squarely on the record companies that have chosen to use this new anti-copy technology. Essentially, my dealer tells me that CDs that use this technology no longer meet the redbook CD standards. So, who's at blame here? Do any of you guys who own CD players with Phillips transports also have the same problem?



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    Don't know what how old or what quality your philips is but I'm using a Panasonic CD, tape, tuner all-in-one with 2 speakers boombox that is about 7 years old. Gonna upgrade soon...just wanna get some way to hop to victoria to check out soundhounds. Anyways, the whole set I have right now was bout 300 bux at the time, and the CD plays fine on it. Interesting to note though...I have this one burned CD that sounds ok on this boombox, but sounds increasingly bad when I audition more and more expensive stuff. I find it kinda weird.

    Actually, although the CD is "copy controlled" you can actually copy it using an auxillary program rather than disk2disk. My friend tried it with iTunes and it worked fine. I suppose that as long as you are able to "read" the disk, then you could always copy it. It's kind of like how they wanted to make an "indestructable" CD bout 10 years can make it indestructable, but then how do we play it!

    I suppose the only way you can really make it copy proof is if no info on that disk or the info can never be accessed.

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