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    Unhappy No sound, unless...

    My first post - pretty "green" at this stuff. Just inherited an "old" receiver - Nikko NR1000. It looks to be in very good shape (if that alone has any value), but I can't get any sound (using speakers or headphones, so it would seem to point to something other than a speaker problem), unless I play with a "control" on the back labeled "Muting Threshold". It is a round "screw head" recessed into the case. If I turn it with a slotted screwdriver left or right to the "correct" position, I can get full, normal sound out of the speakers or headphones. But as soon as I remove the screwdriver I lose the sound completely. I stumbled on this "solution" simply as a "try anything" approach.

    Stranger still - once I'm able to get sound using the method I just described, if I touch the (metal) case with the screwdriver right next to this "screw head" - not the "screw head" itself, the sound comes back - until I stop touching the case. It's all very much touch and go. It isn't reliable or consistent. Each time I attempt this, it can take 5 or 6 attempts to get it to work.

    Obviously using the screwdriver is not the solution, but what the heck is going on?

    Anybody have any ideas? Is this something I should be able to resolve or is this a matter for a paid professional? TIA.


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    Normally "muting" only works on the tuner, it prevents inter station noise (a loud hiss) from being obnoxious. Older equipment had an adjustable radio signal level threshold, usually a front panel push button was supplied to disable "muting"

    This control or the circuitry for muting the receiver is bad, maybe just a bad solder joint..

    Does this work the same for inputs other than the receiver radio signal?

    I "googled" Nikko NR1000 schematic, there were several hits. Average price was about $25.00

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    Sounds like you just need a longer screw driver so you can listen from a recliner. LOL.
    I agree with above. Sounds like a bad grounding connection.

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    Thanks guys - I'm going to look into the Google sites as you suggested.
    Really appreciate your replies.

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    Sounds like the screwdriver was providing a ground to the chassis that doesn't make now.

    Open it up and ensure all bonding straps/grounds are in good order. Make a 'grounding jumper' if you need to.
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