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    New HK ad on this site

    Is anyone else irritated with this "Harman Kardon Drive + Play" banner ad on this site? First of all, it's on every page and I guess the other advertisers are just s.o.l. (I'm sure SVS and Axiom are not too happy about it). But more importantly, it starts playing everytime my mouse comes near it and although I can close it, it starts right up as soon as my mouse wanders near it again. It also causes my cursor to blink incessantly when typing new posts, and slows down cursor/keyboard/mouse reaction. And to top it off that crappy "Robot Parade" plays on top of any music I'm listening to on my computer.

    I know ads pay the bills, but this desperation for me to stop ignoring banner ads is intrusive. This ad is either purposefully intrusive or just written with shoddy code. Pretty soon, this site is going to turn into or

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    ads like this are very much like...

    the unwanted phone calls that are now banded...if I have to pull my mouse away to avoid an ad...or unplug my phone to avoid unwanted's time to pull the plug...

    pull downs are a PITA...

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    Switched to Firefox browser. Pop-up is gone.

    Still, this type of advertising is excessive.

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