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Thread: need a tuner

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    need a tuner

    I'm breaking up my HT system, and I'm going to take either monitor 7's, or more likely mini-monitors and a sub, to another room. I plan to get a NAD C370 or C372 to power my Paradigms, and I'll need a tuner to go with it. I've heard that Yamaha makes some tuners that are a good deal. Any suggestions or comments? Thanks.
    Also, is it overkill to get the C370 to power mini-monitors? Thanks.

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    Smile Take a look at... - they seem to know more than just about anybody. More than me, for sure...


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    i like some of the ole sansui stuff...

    and they seem to be in all price ranges...the more you spend the nicer you'll an ebay fun just looking!!
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