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    Need some Assistance

    My friend just purchased an Onkyo TX-SR601E Home Theatre. We hooked it all up and were puzzled to find that this amp does not come with a rear channel speaker hookup for listening to music. We messed around with the zone 2 feature and were able to listen to the radio thru this setup but were not able to listen to a cd. He has two seperate speakers in the rear of the room just for this so in case youre wondering were not going through the rear surround speakers to achieve this. Is this amp a pure surround amp not ment for the everyday listening of music ? Also found this amp not to be very user friendly.

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    are you trying to listen to the same source through four speakers simultaneously? If you are, that isn't tough. Just hook up the second two to the surround rears, and play it through 5 channel stereo.

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    Read the Manual

    The manual can be found here:

    It has speaker outs and preouts for Zone2. You then must select the cd player from the zone 2 remote and it should play. I don't have this receiver but by looking at the back I can see speaker connections and preouts for Zone 2 (both left and right), mains (left and right), center, surrounds(left and right) and a surround back(1 only). So you have a 6.1 receiver with zone 2. And on top of it, it appears as though there are separate amps to power the zone 2. So to summarize, your doing something wrong cause it should work.

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