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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigmoney
    My sub neither inexpensive or expensive has a price tag of 600 dollars and is thx certified. However it seems bloated. I would like a sub with more precision and punch than a boom/ rumble that seems to just produce a headache and distort my mains. It is 4 ohms and active do the ohms matter? and it has a sensitivity of 93 where as my mains are 88. Thinking an spl meter might be what I need.
    You could experiment with placement for your sub, put the sub where you sit and walk around the room to see how the sound from the sub changes, if you find a spot where the sub sounds clean and strong, then put your sub there.

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    Okay I think my sub is sounding better. Anyone know about bass traps or and any DIY projects to build them.

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    DIY acoustic panels:

    After recommendations here, I purchased a box of 6 ea. 24" x 48" panels and will finish them with burlap coverings.

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    Hi Bigmoney,

    You should start with the preamp. It is the bottleneck, because it takes the delicate low-level signal, amplifies and feeds it to the amplifier. Different high-quality preamps (and amps) have their own sound usually reflecting the designer's philosophy. Any good preamp (or amp) will sound essentially neutral, but each will have its own subtle signature or character, and here you will find divergent opinions on what sounds best.

    I've heard mediocre sources sound way better than expected with a good preamp/amp and decent speakers, such as you have. I feel its not best to focus on the source as a starting point if your on a tight budget.

    In my experience most mass market processors will have a somewhat flat lifeless sound. They sound great in multi-channel, but essentially they will not light you fire in the same way for two-channel music. I have heard all the main mass market contenders pretty much. I chose Yamaha's flagship Z9 after several weeks of auditioning, and for two-channel music it doesn't really compete overall next to my dedicated audio components, this considering the Z9 was better than all the other contenders i.e. Denon, and Pioneer flagships (Not including high-end processors such as the Sonic Frontiers D2, Parasound Halo C1 etc). I use the Z9 for multi-channel and movies and it does serve that purpose very well.

    Some affordable (on the used market) preamps in no particular order of preference:
    1. Audible Illusions Modulus 3
    2. MFA Magus (a killer for the money)
    3. Audio Research SP6 (if your lucky), or SP9
    4. Marsh Sound Design 2000t

    But there is another alternative, one that, for the same type of money, buys you an integrated, which is a tremendous bargain and an over-performer in the best sense of the word. The Naim Nait 5i integrated will make your B&Ws sing. Its not the most powerful (only 50w per channel but those are great watts), but within its range it will give you a true taste of the possiblilities. I think it can be had on the used market for about $800 - $1,000.

    If you want an integrated phono stage, you could also look at Outlaw Audio. For about $600 or so, you get decent sound and a MM phono stage. It will not sound as good as the Naim Nait 5i, but it does have more power (100w as opposed to 50w for the Naim).
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