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    Need advice on competing systems

    I am absolute novice when it comes to audio systems. I am installing a home sound system encompassing several different rooms in my house and I have competing quotes from 2 different suppliers. Price wise they are relatively close, but I have no way of differentiating the quality of each of the suppliers.

    Supplier A has the following components:

    Audio Distribution System
    AADS Crestron Amplifier/Processor - 6 zone, 6 sourse
    c/w built-in AM/FM Tuner
    LCD Keypads
    Apad Crestron LCD Keypad
    (main floor family room and master bedroom)
    CS-60R-SM Paradigm 6.5" In ceiling single stereo
    (kitchen x 2, master ensuite)
    AMS-100R Paradigm 6.5" In-ceiling spkr. better quality.
    (main floor family room and master bedroom)
    CS-60R Paradigm 6.5" In ceiling stereo speakers
    (dining room, living room and office)
    Stylus 370 Paradigm 6" Outdoor speakers
    TV/ Main Floor Family Room
    TH-46PZ850 Panasonic 46" 1080P HD TV(Top Model)
    LC-52D84U Sharp 52" 1080P 120HZ HD LCD TV
    PW-63 Wall Mounting Bracket
    4250HD Rogers HD Box
    CS-60R-30 Paradigm 6.5" In ceiling speakers
    (front right, center and left)
    CS-60R Paradigm 6.5" In ceiling speakers
    Fitness Room
    CS-60R Paradigm 6.5" In ceiling speakers
    VS-150 Paradigm Volume control
    Miscellaneous Items
    M-4300 Panamax Power Bar/Surge Protector/Line
    Conditioner. (for main floor equipment)
    MX-450 Home Theatre Master Universal Remote
    Supplier B has the following:

    Nuvo Essentia (6 S0urce 6 Zone c/w 6 keypads

    Nuvo Dual Tuner AM/FM ND-T2DFG


    JBL in ceiling stereo SP6CSII

    Better Quality For:

    2pr Klipsch CDT-5650C

    1pr Klipsch CDT-5650C


    Klipsch AW625 6 1/2 2way

    TV Main Floor Family Room

    LG 50 50PS60 (1080p 600hz THX interjected glass)


    Toshiba 52XV645 (1080p LCD 120hz 14bit v/p

    B-Tech wall bracket (tilt, 150lbs, BT-8432)


    2 1/2pr only FR/C/FL plus Rear in ceiling JBL SP6CII

    Fitness Room
    JBL SP6CII in ceiling

    Quest volume control

    1 only power bar/surge/line conditioner (Furman Elite 15i)

    1 only Harmony 1 ( 15 device IR Remote )

    If somebody could help or send me in the right direction, that would be appreciated.


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    IMHO speakers in the ceiling suck big time. When you go to a concert club or any venue to hear music are the performers on the ceiling?
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    Second on the ceiling speaker concept. Seems odd that professional audio folks would suggest it. Nothing remarkable about the gear and suggests their last jobs were motels or cheap condos. Look for an outfit that has done homes instead of commercial buildings. The ceiling thing reminds me of elevator music. Even the Nutone systems from the '70's went in the wall.
    Find a store who can refer you to an installer who lives with it at home or can refer to homes they've done and go audit one. You're going to feel like you're in the Airport with most of the list and where they plan to place it.

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