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Thread: nak 582

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    nak 582

    were dose the 582 line up in the range .one has come up for sale on trade me

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    Nak is known for their decks and as an owner of 3 of them I can to you their reputation is well deserved. The 582 retailed at close to $900 so I am guessing it is a couple of steps up from what I have. Here is a link to more info

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    As the owner of two Nak's I'll say get it. You won't be disappointed.
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    Nak deck

    Quote Originally Posted by mopar383
    were dose the 582 line up in the range .one has come up for sale on trade me
    The 582 is a nice deck, somewhere in the middle, not low end and not high end. Nakamichi has produced some fantastic decks, I have three of them, and quite often people think I'm playing CDs and they can't believe that it's a tape. I think that you be very satisfied with a 582 Nak deck.

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    I had a 582Z for a few years. I worked for a CBS tape facility and we used Nakamichi decks exclusively for A/B and QA work. We started with the 700 in QA booths and the 1000 in the Mastering A/B room. The 582Z was a big step up from the 1000. I bought one because it was a three-head deck, allowed precision user azimuth adjustment and could record on Type 1, Type II and Metal tapes. I also owned a BX-1, but enjoyed the 582Z much better. I believe the original price I saw was $1250. You won't be disappointed.

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