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    NAD T761 and Magnepan's?

    I've got a used NAD T761 that I am currently using to power a set of MGMC1 magnepan speakers. The speakers run with a 4 ohm impedance, which the NAD seems to have no problems with. However, reading the manual for the T761, I have found a vaguely disturbing limitation.

    If I want to have speakers hooked up to the A and B speaker connects, both speakers must be at least 8 ohms, or so the manual says. (4 ohms on A alone is just fine) So it appears my dreams of using the T761 to A/B switch between rooms with different magnepan speakers (all 4 ohm) are squashed. Does anyone have any insight into why NAD puts this constraint on the A/B speaker setup?


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    not sure but...

    I see no reason why it wouldn't be ok to do that. I would guess the manual is refering to having both pairs playing at the same time. If you are only playing one pair at a time, it shouldn't matter. If someone thinks I'm wrong, though, you could always get a speaker selector.

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    Your going to be fine as long as you dont run both sets of speakers at once. If you do it could probably make your amps protection circuit trigger.

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