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    My AKG K701's Arrive!

    WWWWWOOOOOWWWWWW!!! These phones are great! So neutral, clean, tight bass, and I have only heard them on my iPod. I ordered a Val E10 amp that should be here by the 22nd. It's all I could afford. I hope I'll get decent power from that. I really never imagined how good really good headphones could sound. The sound stage is immense compared to my Etymotics. I'm just worried about this amp, cause it's going to have to last me a while. The output is 300mW at 100 ohms. What do you all think? I got it for $270.00 shipped.

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    I'm glad you're happy with them.

    I think you'll be fine. Two of my favourite amps are cheapies -- a Radii HAP-02 and HAP-03. I have been known to listen to the HAP-02 all day at work. And I mean like 8 hours worth of listening (which means a 10 or 12 hour day, because circumstances rarely allow me to stay at my desk all day).
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    Congratulations for the K701.
    I'm not familiar with the amp you mentioned, by the looks of it seems fine.
    Being a K701 owner for 2 years now I must impress on you the importance of a good souce, cables and the best amp you can afford.
    I run my headphones through the Meier-Audio Aria and had the chance to compare it to a more upscale amp (the CORDA HA-2 MkII SE). The result is quite impressive and makes me wonder about the extraordinary hidden potential that these cans have on offer.

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    Congrats on your new toy.

    It's just me, but they have unusually sound stage for Open Air designs.

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    Congrats on the 701's. I have had my pair for about 3 months now. I drive them with either a Grado RA1 or a Creek OBH11se. Both amps do a fine job, although I do get more volume out of the Creek. And they do sound different, but I can't say one sounds better than the other.

    I also have the Etymotic ER6s and while it's a totally different type of headphone, I still have to say that they are amazing for their size. True, they can't compete with the 701s, but consider the difference in size - you'd expect the 701s to sound fuller and larger in every way. That said, you can't really jogging with the 701s on, and you have to admit that the Etymotics are a huge improvement over the stock phones that came with your iPod.

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