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    mono single ended

    If it is a mono amp,can it have 2 channels? I know a mono block is 1 channel.. Is that what single ended means? Sorry , don't get out much.

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    Mono = 1
    Stereo = 2
    Single ended = having one end

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    Single ended?

    ...possibly a SET(Single Ended Triode) has to do with circuit topography, you would have to inquire among the "tube rollers" around here if that is the case. Any further info, brand etc.? Usually very low power requiring very efficient loudspeakers, exponential horns seem to be the way to go. Single-ended does not necessarily equate to mono, although it can...clear as mud, eh!

    Mono is mono unless you have two-o or, as it would seem, you are commenting on a fairly pricey loudspeaker system using an old Miles Davis album as source material...sorry! Private joke...

    jimHJJ(...conceptual continuity strikes again...other than that...)

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