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    Marantz SR 6005 or Integra DTR 40.2??

    Both receivers have good reviews and I am wondering if anyone has auditioned both of them for long enough to know which one is better as far as sound quality is concerned. My preference is for a warm sound to project excellent vocal to sound as natural (not thin) as possible and be very detailed and clear. Also, the sound has to be very detailed and revealing enough to hear all the subtle sounds and crispiness of all the instruments, conveying a great sense of musicality. The receiver is to power a pair of Totem Sttaf front main speakers. Thanks for all your comments.
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    Let me start by saying I've heard both brands but not the particular models. I have a couple of opinion points. Marantz would be warmer. Integra's amp section would be better suited to drive your Totems. I really couldn't say on finer detail without hearing them both at the same listening time.

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    I am on my second Integra. Only got rid of my first because it was obsolete.
    Luv luv luv LOVE this line of receivers, very competent, well made(solid aluminum faceplate), very good amps for a receiver, and a three year warranty. And most importantly,
    the sound is good for a receiver, although I did add an amp to the left right channels.
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