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Thread: Marantz CD5004

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    Marantz CD5004

    Regarding Marantz CD5004.

    Which connection should I use, Analog or Digital.

    The unit has an "Audio EX Function" EX - off which is digital. EX1 digital. And the one Iím confused about is the EX 2 which is analog but states that it plays audio at the highest quality sound. It shuts some features off to eliminate noise.

    I always thought digital is the way to go to produce the best possible sounds. The Denon AVR its connecting with claims an analog connection will degrades the sound.

    Any idea on the matter is sure appreciative.

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    If you use the digital out on the CD player then you will by bypassing the units internal digital to analog converter (DAC) and it will be using your Denon receivers internal converter. A DAC coverts a digital signal to analog as all digital music must be. Use the analog out of your Marantz to get the best sound unless you are using a high end external DAC. The Marantz probably has a better DAC than the Denon.

    What the Denon AVR is referring too is for home theater use not 2ch audio. You want to hook up your DVD or BluRay players digital out to the digital inputs of your Denon AVR.

    Therefore use the analog outputs on your CD player for best sound.
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    Hi Waynow, why not try both out and find out what sounds best to you? Digital Optical Toslink is very inexpensive so it's not too $ painful to try it out and do an A/B comparison for peace of mind.
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