suppose you folks know that old Marantz gear is a steal ?

purchased a 2270 Marantz receiver. it knocks me cold.

it's a killer. the BASS.

Marantz was a top notch brand until approx 1976... all the gear prior to that is just extraordinary. the best there ever was really.

my 2270 Marantz is great....I took all the 5.1 bull**** off the shelves and said .... Let It Rock.

I have an Onkyo av receiver..... and it's a good one. but, it's a joke compared to this bad boy.

more interested in music ... so...Onkyo ... go away...It was a big pain getting it here... from San Diego and working... and I've learned a lot.

Listening to music with this receiver is a pleasure. and there's no other way to explain it.

Everything sounds new and fresh. all your old crap sounds great.

no subwoofers, no loudness contours, no adjustments....... just play.

and this amp thru my Paradigm speakers is too much...

so much bass that you almost have to back down......

the music is so revealing..... it can be incredible even at low volume.

when I was was a kid in Hawaii, I loved the stereo gear and used to hang out in Ala Moana at a very high end stereo shop. It was a one hour walk in the sun.

and listen to the best gear they had.... Tannoy speakers, AR3a's, JBL, driven by Mcintosh, and Marantz amps.

The Mcintosh gear now would be at least $12,000.... the Tannoys at least $3000 - 12,000, JBL's at least $5,000 and the Marantz set up ..... also $8 -12,000.

a great pair of AR 3a's at least $1000.... that's the gear used. Tannoy speakers are out of sight expensive.

saw a pair go on ebay for $4000. raw speakers.

Mcintosh amps are also out of sight .... they can be thousands of dollars.

and, it's true.

they were the best. my Marantz is an instrument. it's just amazing.