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    Question Magnum/L20T/4-8 ohm/205w rms/410w peak

    I need a little help from the experts. I have an amazing set of speakers i am getting ready to post on ebay. They are in nearly mint condition, all speakers pristine, only a little cabinet wear as would be expected. They sound awesome, great frequency response at all volume levels, tremendous bass, etc....The cabinets measure 42.5 x 16 x 14 inches. Black faces with red racing stripes sort of. They had a piece of cardboard stapled on the back {that is gone} with all of the important information, so i really don't know what i have or where to find the information and now my interest is piqued, might just decide to keep them. I was only getting rid of them because i got a new big screen and i need the extra space, so i hooked up my Cerwin Vega RE20's and powered sub. Can anyone please tell me what i have?
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