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    Looking for best "In-Ear" or "Clip" Headphones

    Can anyone suggest a good pair of "In-Ear" or "Clip" headphones for listening to music with cd player, pc, etc?

    These might be the best so far....

    14 Hz up to 24 000Hz


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    The best in-ear 'phones are the Etymotic Research ER-4P's:

    But they cost $330.


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    I have the ER-6 and I have to say they are AMAZING. Even at low volumes they block out all noise, even on the subway. The whole reason I got into a hi-fi stereo was because after I bought these ear phones my regular system sounded like crap. No lie. There are some draw backs and you can read about them at epinion:

    I got mine on ebay for $140 (Cdn) and that included 2 day shipping.


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