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    Quote Originally Posted by Freewillisdead112
    what i ment to say is a want something thats got a vintage look to it thats not all modern.

    I was being sarcastic about a 80's cd player!

    I was more (a) less meaning, besides the mcintosh cd players i havnt seen anything cd wise with a retro look in a long time.....

    And i dont got 2 grand to get a mcintosh!

    I think ill get my oppo dvd player and the emotiva cd player. Those I can afford easy, 300 + 150, no issue!

    Just dont have 1 or 2 grand right now to throw at some speakers, so ima get what i can for now, and save for something better in the long run.

    I want the TOTL tower from axiom! there pretty and everything ive read says there the best bang for ya buck!
    Well I have been looking at Axiom myself. And your right the bang for the buck is good. I have read quite a few reviews on their bookshelf models and the m60 v2 which I am looking very hard at and every time they compare them with speakers usually at least 500 to 1000 dollars above their price tag and sometimes twice their price or over and they always hold their own if not sound better. I have heard them compared to the Paradigm studio 60's and 100's and say that they compare pretty close to them and in some peoples perspective sound as good or better. It all depends on the ears and experience of the people listening to them. But at $990 a pair delivered I am quite impressed about what Ive heard. I know from every review that they sound better than the new Paradigm Monitor series which is at the same price point and I have seen them compared to the usher x 718. The Usher was slightly more precise in the midrange but the Axiom was very very close to it which to anyone who knows Ushers speakers this is saying something for a speaker. And for bass and dynamics they avctually outperformed the Ushers but thats to be expected(the Usher is a stand mount speaker). But to my knowledge the Axiom line is the price per performance speaker to beat and I have always liked a product that you can afford and still be in the quality zone of higher end stuff. Really cool

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    you guys are alright!

    dont feel bad!

    I have the brain span of a kindergarden child!

    one min i will be reading a book, the next head banging in my living room!

    its a never ending thing these days!

    and thats why i need a better place and more space to rock!!!

    and with more space comes more stereo stuff i dont need (and the woman would love not to hear about or have) but really really want!

    If i hear one more distorted voice on movies i will scream!

    or tweeter scream cuz someone yells in a movie!

    ill blame that on my home depot speaker wire and my sony interconects/dvd player hahaha!

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