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    Lite hissing sound

    Ive noticed a lite hissing noise coming from my tweeters on my RF-7 towers when listening to both cd/dvds. I have been trying to isolate it but havent been successful. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions.?
    Samsung 42in Plasma
    Klipsch RF-7 towers
    RC-7 center
    RS-7 rears
    Pioneer VSX81TSX
    Denon CD Player
    Monster Cable THX wiring
    Panamax Power Conditioner
    SVS Model 20-39PCi
    Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote
    Odyssey Stratos Amp 2ch x 150w
    Odyssey Tempest Preamp

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    How light?

    All powered electronics produce some hiss. It might well be normal if you have to go out of the way to hear it.

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