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    LG LCD: 37LH30: headphones, HOW?

    A basic LG, the 37LH 30 has only one Toslink audio digital output.

    (removed link)

    I have a coax antenna input (no cable box) and two DVD players: one is a Blu Ray DVD plyer, and one is a DVD Recorder.

    What is the most cost efficient or least expensive way of using a wireless headphone to hear the audio output from all sources, (can I attach an inexpensive device to the Toslink that will have a headphone connector)?

    The LG37LH30 has only one audio output: a Digital audio out with Toslink. Supposed newer models may have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Not this model, sorry to report.

    IS there an inexpensive device that will allow the audio to go through the device to a headphone?

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.
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    LG: 37LH30 2009 model, Bose Radio

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    Welcome to AR!!

    As a new member, we ask that you establish a bit of reputation before posting curious links. I didn't go any farther than the pop up prompting me to save or open. I removed it as a precaution to protect our membership from anything suspect or potentially mailicious.

    I hope you will understand and continue to post here at Audio Review. We are always happy to have new members, but the threat of spam and viruses are very real, so it's with caution which we begin our new relationships.

    Thanks alot!!


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