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    Kind of off topic.....

    Do you really love music?? Well, go to: and enter your name and find out. Not sure how this thing works, but it decided that I love to do the following:

    * Karaoke
    * Heli-hiking, Heli-skiing, Heli-anything
    * Stuff A Phone Booth With People
    * Drive Up And Down Main Street Blaring Your Favorite Tunes
    * Go On A Rock Find

    All of which is untrue....
    Listening/Movie Room: ADCOM GTP-500, XPA-2, Denon 3930ci, Front: Jamo C809; Surround: Klipsch R-5650-S; Back: R-5650-S; Denon AVR-687,. Projector: Sharp XR-32X.

    Family Room: Denon avr-687, Denon CD player, Klipsch RB-5II

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    Mine was.
    ◦Sign Up For An Online Dating Service
    ◦Save Up Money And Go With A Friend On An All Out Pamper Day
    ◦Buy A Tabloid
    ◦Take An Improvisation Or Acting Class
    ◦Learn To Knit If Only To Create The Longest Scarf You Can Imagine

    Lol, the last thing I want to do is sign up to a dating site

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